Salik system is Dubai’s online toll collection system that promises to revolutionize congestion and traffic flow on city roads. T

the system is somewhat familiar to those who have been driving on Dubai roads for a long time. However, newcomers to the city often have questions about this. Even the most experienced traveller has one or two things that they should know about Salik.

Whether you are a tourist or you are living in the UAE, you need to know what Salik is and how it works. This is very useful when you are driving your own car or riding a rented car.

Well, here at EASY DEAL we want to help you understand everything you need to know about the UAE road toll system.

As mentioned before, the electronic traffic toll system is spread across the streets of Dubai. They launched it in 2007 to decrease congestion on roads. The innovative system has helped simplify navigation in Dubai.

Now, it is well known that it works without a typical roadblock or toll booth it automatically takes the tolls for road users. Prior to this system, drivers had to queue at the (RTA) toll system, which was established in 2007 by the Roads and Transport Authority.

All Cars in Dubai are required to purchase a special card that is attached to the windshield of the car. They also have to add a credit to this tag to pay the toll.

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What is a Salik account?

All You Need to Know About Salik System in Dubai
All You Need to Know About Salik System in Dubai

If you are going to drive in the UAE, you need a Salik account. The first time you buy it They ask for your personal data and your vehicle details to open the account.

also, these details are then saved and linked to the read tag. This sign will help Dubai’s traffic toll system to identify you and your car.

Note that opening a fee account or sticking the card on your windshield is not enough. You must pay your toll correctly and permanently.

So, if you have a card on the windshield but you don’t have enough funds in your fee account, this could result in a fine.

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How does the traffic toll system work in Dubai?

As mentioned above, all cars must purchase a special card, which must be attached to the windshield. This tag is a Salik system tag and it contains a readable electronic chip that contains a number (RFID) A unique identification. A scanner that is installed at each gate reads this microchip. The tag remains functional as long as your windshield is functional.

Once the vehicle passes through the toll gate, the scanner automatically scans the readable tag attached to the windshield and deducts the fee. With this traffic toll system in Dubai, drivers do not have to slow down or stop when passing through toll gates.

Your Salik account is linked to a Salik system tag for discount purposes. Several Salik cards can be linked to one account. In Dubai, you cannot have more than one Salik account.

Also, the only way to get another account is if you are in another emirate where you will be under different traffic profiles.

All cars are expected to purchase prepaid cards to load their toll accounts as they will be charged a toll each time, they pass through the toll gates.

What about rental cars?

When renting a Dubai car, this already comes with a Salik tag. The costs associated with this mark appear on the billing voucher. It is important not to confuse penalties/fines with Salik system fees.

Where can Car owners buy this sign/tag?

Where can Car owners buy this sign/tag?
Where can Car owners buy this sign/tag?

You can buy a card at ENOC, EPPCO, Emirates NBD, and Dubai Islamic Bank petrol stations.

There are also online sales that offer these tags. You can also top up your account or open an account at the above ports.

How to open a Salik system account?

An account is opened for you when you purchase your first Salik tag. At this point of purchase, you must submit a completed application form.

Application forms are available at the above-mentioned outlets and you can download them online.

While opening your account, you need to provide your personal information and vehicle registration details. Once you open your account, you will receive your account number via SMS.

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