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Dubai mall Has the name tag of being the largest mall in the world. It is next to the Burj Khalifa location and in the financial centre street, making it one of the most sought-after destinations in Dubai.

What better way to get there other than having your own ride and getting a car rental Dubai mall?

This mall includes more than one thousand retail shops! Attracting visitors in the fifty million on yearly basis. There you can get anything you want or think of in this grandeur mall. It is a must to visit this place if you’re touring or on business in the UAE.

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How to get there?

Car rental Dubai mall

Car rental Dubai mall

Dubai Mall is one of the biggest malls that you might visit in your lifetime and one of the top tourist attractions places in Dubai. Located in the city centre of Dubai, the grand structure of Dubai Mall stands tall and proud like a crown on the road right next to the tallest building in the world Burj Khalifa.

If you are thinking about how to get to Dubai Mall, you will be baffled by the ease Dubai has to offer to tourists as far as getting around is concerned.

It is well connected by buses, roads, and metro trains, and getting to any place in Dubai is hardly a concern.

Though public transportation might seem alluring and easy, you might face hardships due to rush hours and crowded transportation in the tourist seasons and work hours.

Also, it is hard to get your comfort and to go whenever you want or go back whenever you feel like it due to the specific hours of the transportation system.

You can gain the comfort you want with the best available deals by car rental Dubai mall in EASY DEAL and go by road.

If you are planning to ride to Dubai Mall from within Dubai then you would have to go forward from the first interchange heading to the financial center road, if you are coming from Abu Dhabi you would have to take the exit taking to the financial centre road to get to the entrance of Dubai Mall.

Dining destinations

Dining destinations

Dining destinations

Dubai mall can be the destination for food lovers around the world or couples looking to eat something exquisite or maybe taking your family to a nice place to eat.

Dubai mall is the food hub for all types of cuisines such as Italian, French, Japanese, Middle Eastern, Chinese, and many more.

Finally, with EASY DEAL you can get the perfect car that suits you well and your occasion you can pick an SUV or a Jeep for taking the family, or you can take a luxurious car for a special someone or a special occasion, maybe take a sports car because you feel like it.

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Top places you should visit

Top places you should visit

Top places you should visit

By using our services and getting a car rental Dubai mall you will be able to reach the mall and enjoy all the places in Dubai.

The city of Dubai is notorious for its high-end luxury shopping, Horse races, Sand desert exploration, sand beaches, and amazing views from Burj Khalifa, the most popular among them that you will not be regretting is Dubai Mall where you can also do things other than shopping and dining.

Also, you can experience the hypnotizing Dubai Aquarium and the Underwater Zoo which are the largest indoor aquariums in the globe with lots of magnificent tanks with a capacity of 10 million liters.

Then, you can also try and experience the magic at the Dubai Ice rink.

In Addition, head towards SEGA if you are an adventure lover, in Dubai’s first indoor theme park to try and experience some of the most amazing visually stimulating attractions.

Also, you can take your kids to Kidzania which is a destination that attracts a huge number of young visitors and families.

Or if you are a historic lover and fan you can go into the world of Dinosaurs and the Jurassic age.

You can reach and do All these things at Dubai Mall giving you and your family or loved ones a wholesome experience for a lasting memory.

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