Dubai is a vibrant and multicultural tourist destination that has a lot to offer both residents and tourists, so you have to know all Traffic fines to avoid.

Various modes of transportation are available, including car rental.

 You don’t have to own a car in a city like Dubai, to explore the many distinct attractions and sites, you can do the same by renting a car. However, it is necessary to follow the traffic rules to avoid a fine.

 In this blog we have listed the most common traffic violations committed by drivers in Dubai and how you can prevent them, ensuring that you have a smooth drive with your rental car.

Skipping a red light is one of the traffic fines to avoid

Skipping a red light is one of the traffic fines to avoid
Skipping a red light is one of the traffic fines to avoid

Every year more than 1,000 motorists are arrested while breaking a red light. So, it is one of the most serious traffic violations in the city which can result in jail time. Unlike other traffic violations, the fees for this violation are much higher.

However, the car is impounded for 15 days by Dubai Police, and they can charge you a fine (Traffic fines to avoid) of 800 dirhams.

Also, under no circumstances should you skip a red light, or you may end up paying exorbitant fees to the car rental provider.

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Not wearing a seat belt

Drivers and front seat passengers are required to wear seat belts in every country, and Dubai is no exception to this rule.

A new policy has been introduced, whereby every passenger is required to wear a seat belt.

So, the traffic police have passed the law, and Dubai police are strict about following the rules. Always make sure that you and your passengers wear a seat belt when entering the rental car to avoid a fine of 400 dirhams.

You have to remember that these fines (Traffic fines to avoid) will not be paid by the car rental company.

Parking in undesignated areas as the traffic fines to avoid

Common Traffic Violations in Dubai Since parking fees in Dubai are relatively low compared to other major cities, it can be difficult to find a suitable parking spot, especially in the old part of the city.

This also leads to random parking in undesignated areas, more often than not.

Cars parked in the sandy area, on sidewalks, and even second-row parking is a frequent sight. Parking in undesignated spaces is one of the minor violations in Dubai in which the driver will be fined 200 dirhams.

In order to prevent you from being penalized, it is wise to check with the rental company regarding the different parking signs you should look out for when parking your car.

Crossing of the road shoulder

Crossing of the road shoulder
Crossing of the road shoulder

This crime is considered one of the hardest crimes in Dubai, and several campaigns have been organized by the Dubai Police, advising drivers not to cross using the shoulder of the road.

The shoulder is for emergency vehicles and emergencies, but most drivers tend to make use of it.

Such situations usually happen when the road is congested due to traffic, and drivers want a quick escape. It is considered a cardinal traffic offense in the UAE and leads to severe penalties.

Also, avoid driving your rental car on the hard shoulder at all times, to prevent breaking the law, and incurring a fine of 600 dirhams.

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sudden deviation

Sudden swerving is a common sight in Dubai, where drivers suddenly change lanes without alerting other drivers or using their pointer.

Apart from deaths and injuries, this traffic crime is one of the main causes of road accidents.

Finally, it is always advisable to signal when changing lanes to prevent accidents or pay a fine of 200 dirhams.

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